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You want to be your Sun, you feel like your Moon, but life keeps bringing you back to your Rising.


You Want To Be Your Sun

Your Sun sign and overall placement represents your inner consciousness. When the Sun within is shining, you feel capable, strong, and that your inner light is reliable and able to lead you out of any impending darkness. When you feel distant from your inner light, your sense of capability drops as self-doubt fills your thoughts and goals.

Empowerment, confidence, self-assuredness do not exist inside of a vacuum. It surely helps to repeat affirmations and appreciate yourself in the mirror. However, true faith in yourself comes from a visceral gut knowing that’s fostered over time. It is an unwavering core belief that you have what it takes to navigate any situation life throws at you due to your ability to direct yourself with authenticity. Confidence doesn’t come from hiding from the world. It comes from directly interacting with it, courageously, fears and all. The Sun gives you the internal green light to go after what you want. When your ego is nourished and healthy, you glow from the inside out.

The celebrities, artists, or general public people that we relate to typically highlight our Solar energy, awakening an inner burning passion of inspiration. Those we admire and wish to emulate hold a mirror up to the type of golden traits we hold within. We feel this mirroring as we dive into their stories, conversations, photos, backgrounds, interests, music, creations, or whatever medium they have used to strike a cord. The mirror reflects back, “What do you want to radiate outwardly and become known as to yourself and others? Who would you be if you could be who you wanted?”

Maybe you applaud someone who lived with a mask once upon a time but ripped it off in order to be who they are because your Scorpio sun knows the power of transforming into your true self. Or, rebellious artists with raw, refreshingly blunt interviews grab your attention as an Aries sun. Perhaps, the open minded creatives who find a way to bring everyone together and diffuse tension to create good vibes amongst everyone intrigue your Libra sun.

You idolize your sun externally in others, because you truly are that solar energy when you allow yourself to shine internally. You want to be your Sun because you know it is the center of your inner solar system, able to put everything into perspective when you’re in its alignment. Your sun makes you visible, bright, and brings Life to you.


You Feel Like Your Moon

When you look up in the night and observe the moon illuminating the sky long enough, you often reach a meditative state, feeling your deepest emotions in your chest, grounding you to something that feels very real. Without the chatter of day to day life getting in the way, truths bubble up to the surface. The longer we stare, the more we slip into a spiritual state, as the lines of black-and-white reality blur and our inner psyche takes over.

To overly rely on solar energy, focusing on our ego and what to portray in the world’s arena is to suffocate the Moon. Imagine a life cut off from our innermost selves? We need time to just be who we’ve historically been without fussing about reaching higher heights. When it comes to our intimate, private lives and relationships, we need lunar energy. The world often doesn’t feel like a safe place to display our sensitive Moon. But we need to validate, see, understand, and embody our Moon when we are safely in the shadows of privacy for emotional fulfillment, stability, and growth.

When you were a child and needed comfort, your caregiver reacted accordingly to your Moon. You learned emotional intelligence and appropriate responses to feeling from generations proceeding you. How your mother's mother dealt with her emotional needs can often lead to how she treated you. The Moon is the family, it is the generational blessings, it is the generational psychic blockage or curse.

You feel like your Moon because it is how you were raised. It is the relationship you have with your caregivers, what they sought to teach you, especially your maternal figures. It is the love you crave. It is the instinctive way in which you react to your emotions in triggering situations. It is also your instinctual response to nurturing, how to nurture, what makes you feel seen and safe. It is how you want to live your domestic life, and who can complement your home life as an adult with the ability to build a chosen family.

You feel like your Moon because in your earliest days, while you were still in a hypnotic, conditioning state, someone taught you directly or indirectly who you were and how you were supposed to feel about it.


Life Keeps Bringing You Back To Your Rising

If your sun is your ego, and the moon is your subconscious, your ascendant or rising sign is the Universe’s say of who you will be and what life path you will circle back to time and time again. The moment you were first born and took in your first breath, your time of birth was noted. And that time determines the Hour Marker or, your Rising sign.

There are core lessons we have all incarnated to learn. The archetypal themes of your rising sign will show you what you are capable of embodying in this lifetime with humble effort as you trip, fall, learn. It is who you are in the eyes of the Universe. Not who you wish you were when you perform in society or who you want to be when you grow up like your Sun. Not who you feel that you're when you’re in love or crying at home like your Moon. It is who you are when you remove yourself from yourself. You, observed without prideful ego or without heartfelt desire.

Your ascendant is your physical body. Your Earthly vessel, if you will. It is who you are without adding any personality or lived experience into the mix. Just a blank canvas of a human. Close your eyes. Try to picture the blankness of who you were before this life, before you were born, before you met your mother’s eyes for the first time, before you had a name or family, before your soul was on Earth. Some part of you, that is hard to consciously understand with your Sun, or subconsciously feel with your Moon, chose to live the lifestyle of an archetypal ascendant to understand it. And maybe, if you got lucky, you could master its lessons and themes. But regardless of whether you came to enjoy it, master it, or what have you - you circle back to this spiritual self and its chosen life path. Even as you develop a personality and experience emotional experiences. Whether or not what you want to become, or who you feel you are, are in alignment with your initial decision, is up for your interpretation.


Putting It All Together

You may want to be a confident Leo, while feeling like an emotional Pisces, and life keeps bringing you back to living like a dualistic Gemini. What do we do then? What do we do, when many if not most of us, find ourselves conflicted with these different parts of our lives or selves? We find that regardless of who we grow to become with our Sun, how we nurture ourselves and let others heal us with our Moon, there is an element of life that is fated. It is already written.

We can navigate these life path challenges and blessings alike (our ascendant) through the utilization of our consciousness (the Sun) and subconsciousness (the Moon) coming together and working as a team. Life keeps bringing you back to your rising because it speaks to your soul's evolution.


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