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The sister signs are the signs that face each other off in opposition. They are polar opposites of the same coin. One side says head, the other tails; but both sides make up a whole object. Therefore, sister signs are extremely commonly paired up and attracted to one another. Like magnets, there's often this immediate click that happens. However, we know that when magnets don't dramatically and satisifyingly click, their energies repel one another with equally great force. They try to get closer, and the field just pushes them further away. This is why sister signs often have to put in the work to get to be close to one another's energy fields once the initial attraction sparks. There's an element of excitement, knowing that at any moment they will just seemlessly click and know a bond like no other. Yet it is an unpredictable excitement. There are plenty of times the magnets turn to their opposing position due to external stimuli, and it feels like despite any efforts, the sister signs just cannot find that magic spot. Frustratingly, often due to forces unknown to both parties.

How can one be so similar yet so different? is the paradox on their mind as these two meet. There is a merging that is quite heavenly when they learn to find what it is that exactly that makes them click. But there's a need to accept that their relationship is full of as many pushes as it is pulls. How the sister signs handle those unexpected moments where the magnets fall apart, off the high attraction field of their synastry, says all there is to come.

The biggest lesson is probably that the feeling and the high of the magnets clicking cannot be their primary goal or definition of what their connection is all about. When they are repelled, maybe the goal isn't to find the intense click so fast. Maybe, it is time to take turns venturing in the opposite direction. Maybe it is time to explore, to see what the other side of their friend, family, colleague, or partner's coin has to offer.



Aries rules the first season of all of the twelve signs, beginning the astrological new year with our Spring Equinox. Excitement abounds, snow melts, flowers grow, mating season has begun, and nature awakens from its long slumber. The desire to explore, initiate, break up the stagnancy, and find oneself abounds. Mars, or its Greek God counterpart Ares, rules Aries. Of course, the God of assertion, self preservation, and war.

Libra rules the Fall Equinox. This moment signals that we've reached the halfway point of the astrological year with Autumn. A call to slow down is in the crisp, cool air. Nature requires our reverence as the leaves begin to fall off the treetops and remind us that it is time to go inwards. The desire to find calculated harmony, sensuality, comfort, and refined connection to prepare for the cold, upcoming winter season abounds. Venus, or its Greek Goddess counterpart Venus, rules Libra. And of course, the Goddess of love, beauty, lust, and romance is known for her wild affair with Mars.

Libra wants to make almost everyone that they encounter feel at peace, accepted, and to trust their character. Libra wants people to want to be around them, even if they don't particularly want to be around them. This air sign knows that there's power and security in likability. Aries watches in partial awe, partial confusion.

Aries knows that making everyone happy is impossible. The only hope in this life is to be yourself and to attract the people that can tolerate your energy without filters and frills. Aries tends to piss off those that don't like them, sometimes intentionally, creating a "you love or hate them" character. This can be triggering for Libra, as it appears to them that Aries pushes away perfectly good connections, solutions, or resources in the name of pride.

Aries feels that the only way to make the things they want happen is to assert, push, put in the heavy work, and make it happen themselves, for themselves, and by themselves. They go in with focus and tunnel vision for whatever they want. Libra finds this is an exhausted way to live, as the power of alluring what you want to you through charm, grace, and charisma works just as well.

Aries often tries to figure out why Libra seems to be acting or watering down the person they know them to be at their core when around other company. Aries could figure it out for Libra they think, them against the world, with only two of them on the same team. They find it pointless to "kiss ass" to outsiders. "Just be yourself - if they don't like you, I do," they think.

Aries says "I am!", and Libra says "We are!".

Aries questions, "How can there be an us if you don't prioritize the two selves individually that are coming together? How will we not drown in resentment of what we truly want to do when the other doesn't want to follow?"

Libra questions, "How can there be more value in hyper individuality, when there's the potential of compromise leading to deep intimacy? Won't you find that your ego's temporary cravings being satisfied aren't as fulfilling as the ecstasy of loving and being loved?"

And eventually the Aries agrees with Libra because they like the ideal picture they paint, this vision of a better life. And the Libra agrees to disagree because they don't like confrontation or making a big deal out of things. But their true expressions are different. So they come back to this core conversation in different words, situations, and experiences a lot.

Aries has a lot to learn from Libra, but they are often too proud to admit that their own blunt, bold nature feels barbaric compared to the power of their Venusian warmth. Libra has figured out humanity in a way that Aries hasn't, and frankly, doesn't know if they care to. To admit that the Aries quest to extract the most passion they can out of life often means that they miss out on the power of calm, stable fulfillment would bring the fire sign a momentary identity crisis.

Libra has a lot to learn from Aries, but they are often too vain to admit that Aries' independence threatens them to confront what they've been letting slide. Libra looks past a lot in the name of equality. Often, they're the only ones abiding by their moral principles. With Aries, Libra has to admit that their vision for harmony has given them a blind spot to the fact that life is simply not fair. Their desire to be mindful often leaves them taming their inner desires in the name of integrity. The rulebook of their values is kept to themselves, in their mind. Most outsiders aren't aware or would care to play along with their ideals of justice. Aries is happy without that. It proves that sometimes, Libra just plays an intellectualized game of self-sacrifice.

Still, Aries cannot help but love the soft side that Libra allows them to have. Libra cannot help but love that Aries gets irrationally angry when Libra may be threatening a part of themselves or potential. Aries cannot help but admire that Libra isn't so quick to react like them, and remains kind of detached air about their desires.

Libra cannot help but love that Aries instinctively refuses to adapt to the social scene and only abides by the rules of their own inner conviction. Aries wonders why Libra can't stop spilling all the details and get to the point in conversation. Libra wonders if Aries can open their mind to their ideal of better communication and to share all their subtle inner workings.

Aries thinks Libra thinks and complicates things far too much in general, but especially in terms of society's view of them, for their own good. Aries says just don't overthink it, just do it. Libra thinks that Aries can be too stubborn to adapt for their own good. "They'd find more ease in life by thinking more before they take action while all riled up..."

But in the end, this is what brings the magnetism. They're two archetypes of the same coin: Aries, the individual and Libra, two individuals meeting themselves in each other, in a mirrored experience. If the individualistic Aries doesn't like what they see in the mirror, Libra is often just reflecting their own image back. If the interpersonal Libra doesn't like what they see in the Aries, maybe the fireball is triggering to them to confront uncomfortable truths about their identity, that they exist outside of what they give to others.


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