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In our solar system, the Sun brings life. We need it to survive and thrive.

Therefore, our Sun sign and placement represent what gives us life. It’s our consciousness, confidence, vitality, and self-expression. Its autonomy, independence, and the ability to lead oneself and develop character traits that we feel are ideal to embody in a worthy ego.

The healthy Sun tends to create a healthy sense of character. It’s a container for self-exploration and one’s ability to make choices to perform and embody one’s ideal identity. The unhealthy Sun is usually full of hubris or lacks self-awareness, safety, and identity.



In our solar system, the Moon waxes and wanes. We treasure the luminary as a sentimental timekeeper.

Our Moon sign and placement represent our innermost feelings. It’s our subconscious, memories, emotional reactions, and natural disposition. La Luna acknowledges our private inner world that’s ever-changing in our moods yet constant in our grounded, internalized identity since childhood.

The healthy Moon allows the currents of their feelings to ebb and flow. It’s a container for remembering our roots and cherishing our relationship with our inner child. The unhealthy Moon usually lacks emotional regulation skills, clings to the familiar, or resists sensitivity.



Mercury, our planetary messenger, has a lot to say. It communicates, expresses, and seeks to be informed.

Our Mercury sign and placement represent our communication and learning style. It’s our mindset, processing center, and how we externalize our internal thoughts. Mercury is our rationale and logic, social skills, and ability to connect with the world around us.

The healthy Mercury seeks constant education and learning. It’s a container for expanding our understanding of the world through connections. The unhealthy Mercury usually feels sufficient in their knowledge (“know-it-all”) or allows their mind to control them, believing every thought they think, and lacking communication skills.



Venus is the lover of the planets. Desire, allure, attraction, and the arts are in its domain.

Our Venus sign and placement showcase traces of our romantic life's archetypal storyline. How we love, who we seek to adore, who admires us. Romance is not limited to lovers here - friends, family, and anyone who we love is of the Venusian realm.

The healthy Venus seeks connection based on principles of love and mutual relation. Our relationship to desire can be evaluated here. Do we trust our desire? We tend to our Venus well. Do we suppress or fear it? We need to trust in the magick of Venus again to avoid a closed heart or choosing relationship dynamics that stifle the love we have to give.



Mars is the brave warrior of the planets. Our need for self-preservation, advocacy, and motivation lies here.

Our Mars sign and placement is our approach to navigating a world of hardship. How we protect ourselves, and the natural and essential need to create healthy boundaries that preserve our autonomy and individual needs. Here, we cannot self-sacrifice or neglect our needs. It is primal, instinctual, and necessary.

The healthy Mars knows when it's time to draw a line. It stands up for itself, others, and what it believes in. Akin to standing up to a bully, Mars holds our strength. The unhealthy Mars shrinks itself to be accepted or allows others to trample on their needs. It does not trust that its autonomy is safe or necessary.



Jupiter seeks expansion and growth. It's the eternal optimist, seeing the glass as half full despite all odds.

Our Jupiter sign and placement is our relationship to opportunity. Jupiter subscribes to set philosophies and belief systems. Do we have faith that there is room for more? The Universe increases infinitely.

The healthy Jupiter is in tune with this core principle and truth of life. It sustains powerful trust that all works out to one’s benefit. Being disconnected from Jupiter leads one to become exaggerated or boisterous, forcing its urge to take up space - or to avoid disappointment by dwelling in cynicism. It has lost the truth that it simply deserves abundance in all forms, believing it must either force what it wants or pretend its content in stagnation.



Saturn is the protective guardian of the planets. Our need for limits, boundaries, and safety nets lies here.

Our Saturn placement is the Karma we must sort out in this lifetime. The delays we resist, but require for healthy, sustainable results, and appreciate in hindsight. We must remain patient, humble, and aware to learn from our mistakes.

The healthy Saturn believes in maturity and justice. It remains accountable, self-reflective, and holds reverence for life and others. Being disconnected from Saturn finds a way to victimize its experience all too easily. It points fingers outside itself, remaining arrogant to the core reasoning behind blockages or boundaries. It's stayed complacent to immaturity, believing it deserves whatever it pleases without the necessary practical or internal work.



In the previous slides, we’ve discussed the traditional planets. In modern astrology, we also can consider Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, more recent discoveries of our vast solar system.

Uranus represents the urge to break free from unnecessary social conventions. A healthy Uranus understands the need to challenge the status quo and remain true to its visions for humanity and the individual’s future without causing unnecessary chaos for the sake of rebellion.

Neptune is our ability to tap into spiritual frequencies beyond the physical realm. A healthy Neptune sees the true, inner spiritual energy within each living being - without allowing rose-colored glasses to remove the face value of how matters present themselves.

Pluto represents the natural death-rebirth cycle. There’s a part of life that requires destruction, truly the transitioning of energy. A healthy Pluto conquers its fear of change, working with the natural rhythm and order of life.


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