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Your twelfth house is how people miss you.

It is also indicative of the ways in which they miss you. Sometimes people make their yearning known. Pining for another is way too vulnerable or sacred of a thing for others. Regardless, the twelfth house is the past and how people of yours can still access you energetically, even if they cannot physically.

Twelfth house remediation allows for you to call your energy back to you. Reclaiming ensures that even if someone is aching for you, they cannot grasp hold of you spiritually any longer without your consent. Physically removing someone from your life is enough to prevent further cords or energy entanglement. But energetic clearing is what allows karmic patterns and energetic cords to cease, beyond a material level of perception.

When you often dream of someone who is no longer present, feel connected to what they currently feel and what they do, seeing things from their subconscious point of view over your own, longing to go to shared memories or places - there's likely twelfth house themes at play. A merging from days, weeks, years, decades past resurfaces. To the twelfth house, time is all at once. It is an illusion.

There is a normal grieving process. It is also normal to miss someone, even from long ago, here and there. But when it feels like you don’t want to experience this longing, these memories, and are feeling spiritually bombarded repeatedly? That's the shadow side of the twelfth house. This is the place where the physical and nonphysical melt into one. Boundaries are vanished. Deep integration is found. But so is enmeshing. Remediation helps you create conscious boundaries. The first step is educating yourself on this house in your chart. The next can be meditating or automatic writing, welcoming your subconscious to meet your conscious on this matter.

As cliché as it sounds, you hold the answers within with 12th house remediation.


  • You can read for your natal chart’s 12th house and ruler to determine how you miss others.

  • The vice versa is also true - you can read another’s to get clues as to how they miss others, what they long for from past connections, what is romanticized of what once was.

  • Your 12th can also show how people of the past miss you specifically, combined by considering their 12th house natural longing.

  • That being said, if the relationship you were in involved 12th house synastry, the connection is often more challenging at times to disintegrate.

  • For more info, read your rising sign below.

  • Further, contact me via Email or Instagram DM for a written 12th house report or a reading at I also offer natal chart readings for individuals and synastry readings for relationship readings.



ARIES RISING: (Pisces 12th house)

You can find yourself pining for moments where it felt like you and another ran off into your own private, fantasy world. Where the lines of reality blurred. You didn’t need language to understand one another. Even in silence, it was enough. There was a silent understanding in the bond based on shared emotions. You could let go of the weight you had to carry in daily life and dream together. Float together. Both longing, yearning for more from one another, even with them sitting right in front of you. There may have been drugs or other substances involved at times with the Piscean influence. For others, it could be creative highs. Music, arts, dancing, spirituality, altered states of consciousness. Creativity, heightened emotion, and a lack of boundaries can be highlighted from past relationships you miss at times.

TAURUS RISING: (Aries 12th house) You can find yourself pining for moments where it felt like you and another could be your most authentic, raw selves. The lines of right and wrong were often blurred by the excitement and heat of the moment. Arguments, disagreements and debates sounded in the air often. There was a lack of cooperation, but surely not devoid of passion and fresh experiences. Instinctual chemistry was innate. There was too much competitiveness from one side. Connections that taught you who you were, your identity, lives within you. Those who let you see through the lens of the hopeful, youthful, naive optimist you often forget - you miss them most.

GEMINI RISING: (Taurus 12th house)

Past connections that gave you a false sense of security may linger in your heart. While stability was the end goal, what likely happened was a resistance to necessary change. However, there was sensuality. Touch. Aesthetics. Beauty. For some, even status and luxury. But the comfort wasn't truly comfortable enough. Stubbornness of you or another led to feeling stuck in the mud. You couldn’t grow as one, so separate paths were forged. You miss the days of predictability, comfort. Even if what was familiar wasn’t healthy or what you truly wanted.

CANCER RISING: (Gemini 12th house)

Known for being the stars of nostalgia, Cancer risings often miss the mindset you embodied in previous relations. The way you spoke, the shared communication, the perception and way you both agreed to see the world. The lens you saw through together. Late night conversations. Long winded debates and discussions. Even disagreements brought mental stimulation. Intellectual bonds were formed. However the fluidity of life couldn’t bring you emotionally together. The companionship was strong. The commitment to get vulnerable, maybe not so much. It was to ebb and flow, hot and cold. You or another ran where opportunities to deepen emotionally arose. When you miss them, you long for the moments where you didn't have to explain yourself, you were just understood. You spoke the same language.

LEO RISING: (Cancer 12th house)

The past calls your name in a way that most around you would never suspect or know. Your pride is strong. It can be difficult to admit that you long for another of the past the way you occasionally do. You or another person of your past dove too deep into emotional waters, making it feel like you were drowning in your connection. But they had half of your heart in their chest. They were the promise of a home. They intuitively knew how to build this feeling of familiarity and comfort you hadn’t felt since childhood. They showed you how to feel feelings you had been cut off to for some time. Repression of emotions lead to misunderstandings. Two paths were forged and when you miss those days, you miss the emotional intelligence to be understood without having to express a single feeling.

VIRGO RISING: (Leo 12th house)

You can find yourself longing for moments in time with a once upon a time special someone who helped you define who you are today. The pride of the relationship ran deep. Either they put you on a pedestal, or vice versa, you felt like their royalty. Perhaps, it was an equally shared idealism of love. However, this sense of pride didn’t come without expenses and rose-colored glasses. Untamed passion brought scorching flames during arguments. Wearing your heart on your sleeve could have become a power game: one person down bad in vulnerability or begging for love at a time, ping ponging back and forth between who was desperate to keep who at the time. Or perhaps the roles were more fixed. Regardless, you miss the times where you were identified with this connection. You also romanticize the person you were before this connection changed your self-image.

LIBRA RISING: (Virgo 12th House) When you miss someone, a fear of inadequacy can hit. Did I do enough for them? Did I not advocate for myself enough? Was it all enough? On the other hand, you can become hyperaware of another's failures to be adequate enough for you. Your memories become mentally sharp. They can accidentally move too swiftly in recollection and cut your heart. Every detail becomes vivid when a flashback hits. You feel it all over again, and you turn the situation inside-out in your head to make sense of it. But feelings aren't problems to solve. They just are, coming and going. When you were together once upon a time, you thought differently. You perceived things differently. You were not changed by the lessons. You were much less wise and experienced before your hermit phase. You miss the times before you knew better. How simple it was. How much less you overthought.

SCORPIO RISING: (Libra 12th House)

Relationships past are sensitively held in your psyche and subconscious. Recollection of memories of people gone makes you cling to your heart’s padlock. For someone to turn it with its key would open you up to softness. Ease you haven’t felt it in a minute. So easy… it may feel too easy at first… What’s the catch? As warm as peace, harmony and lovey-dovey feelings feel, you fear injustice follows. You have given, loved. Unfair circumstances stopped you from continuing your relationships once upon a time. Maybe morals were off, creating disruptions against your values. Perhaps circumstances out of both parties' control cut things short. Regardless, when you think of the past, you can sense how love is real. And sometimes, you find more control and comfort pretending that it isn’t.

SAGITTARIUS RISING: (Scorpio 12th House)

You’ve witnessed the depths, the highs and lows, of human intimacy. Power games at play left you in a losing position. Someone wanted to overpower the other. Or both took turns taking the driver’s seat and leaving the other as a passive, nervous passenger. Why would you want to sacrifice your soul again? Or ever at all? Relationships past brought out your shadow side: the mysterious, yet intuitive voice in your mind. Obsession took over. Secrets and hidden motives had to be revealed. You couldn’t focus on anything or anyone else. The drive to get closer drove you out of your normal objective, philosophical approach to life. You both felt like you were drowning in desire. When people of the past cross your mind, it's hard to have a calm disposition about them. Strong feelings arise. The negative ones are reactions of passion needing to turn into something else.

CAPRICORN RISING: (Sagittarius 12th House)

When you walk down memory lane, you often miss the feelings of exhilaration, freedom, and getting to shatter barriers. Breaking the rules. Adventures with partners in crime who got you to explore uncharted territory, literally and figuratively. This sense of thrill was gratifying. However, just as often, there were worries of abandonment. One person or both parties carried a chip on their shoulder at times of moral superiority. Know-it-all debates, critiques or heated arguments deducted from the communication bank. People who have expanded your perspective will always hold a special place in your heart. Those who taught you worlds beyond what you were raised on.

AQUARIUS RISING: (Capricorn 12th House)

At times, you miss those who gave your life structure. Sure, it was devoid of passion often and lacked the elements of what you truly wanted. But you were sure of the role you played. You were more equipped through its experience to determine what worked and what didn’t. There was a foundation that another gave you, an underlying understanding of your grounding. When you miss them, you often feel insecure, ungrounded. Karmic connections resurface at times via your subconscious, reminding you of important lessons learned. Don’t forget, and don’t misplace its wisdom.

PISCES RISING: (Aquarius 12th House)

Your entire being is rather nostalgic, carrying loving and longing for what is and what was. However, when trying to remember specific memories on command, that's another story. Conjuring up full recollections comes through hazily, but fixed feelings and short moments are sharp and piercing. Your subconscious prefers to detach from the full story and people. You may forget what happened in detail. But you will never forget how someone made you feel. When you long for people of your past, you miss the sense of detachment they brought in to balance your ever feeling heart. You miss how you could pretend your feelings didn’t exist. It didn’t make sense, so why would you bother? Sometimes, it is easier to make an intellectual game of love or get involved with someone who loves that way. Rather than put both full hearts in and get blazed, you could play it safe. Somehow, you got burnt regardless.

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