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Saturn enters Pisces March 7, 2023 until May 2025. Then, September 2025, Saturn will retrograde back to Pisces until February 2026, wrapping up the Saturn in Pisces timeline.

Saturn is a slower moving planet. It represents genuine growth. It cannot be rushed, short cut, and must come with practice and time. The only way out is through. Saturnian transits last about two-and-a-half-years, where we undergo major life lessons in order to make us more capable, sure, and determined. Saturn transits are detached, big picture views of where we are growing up, no matter our age.

My favorite perspective of this serious, practical energetic signature teaches us that, "Saturn delays, but never denies." What is meant for you will be granted to you by the end of a Saturn transit, sometimes sooner if the work is completed earlier on. (In particular, the associated house and planets Saturn transits in your natal chart during its voyage show what will be granted).

However, what is not attributing to your fate will become unbearable to carry or deal with until you drop it. How stubborn or receptive you are to divine intervention can pretty much show how your Saturn in Pisces transit will go.

However, these gains do not come to you through sheer longing, but instead through concentrated willpower and efforts. Fall down seven times, get up eight.

Saturn doesn't perform miracles for you. It teaches you what you need to do in order to make miracles happen.

However, Pisces is so used to miracles happening, or finding the miracle in the mundane. Pisces isn't used to relying on navigating the world based on the cold, hard facts. This water sign is as deep as the ocean, relying on its intuition and ever changing emotions. This is the sign that seeks to dissolve itself of the earthly boundaries, limitations, and structures that Saturn strives to build.

It'll be important to find a balance. Find time for daydreaming, escaping into your fantasy land with art, music, tears, emotions, solitude, or whatever realms you see fit. But don't forget that when you open your eyes to resume your day, it is up to you to begin to make it happen. Walk the first mile and the Universe will help carry you the next.



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Saturn transits 12th house

Your growth is about to come from the inside out. You can no longer find success by trying to find happiness in the circumstances external to you over listening to your inner voice. Your intuition will get stronger, with dream messages becoming unlocked to guide you as to what your subconscious blocks are. A dream journal practice can help. Where do you self sabotage? What parts of yourself are truly you that you just need to accept? What parts of yourself were never you to begin with that you adapted unconsciously, and need to let go? All growth is going to start with a seed planted within, and then manifest externally. Don't run from the feeling of loneliness, and turn it into sacred solitude instead. In this space, you are capable of making anything you want happen, through your imagination, prayer, or mind's eye first. You are going to be shown where the Universe isn't stopping miracles from happening in your life and where you're just getting in your own way.


Saturn transits 11th house

The people that surround you are either a circle of support and various perspectives, or a cage. Even even if you're stubborn in maintaining your own identity and values, human beings are social creatures. The people you take in and perceive at work, school, social media, or through general socializing all eventually influence you, and Saturn plans on doing a spring cleaning. Do you feel you have to or can do it all alone? Prepare to be humbled, because now is the time to work with others. Be vulnerable to the fact that you need other people on some level to achieve your ideal future. This Saturn 11th house transit will also show you that popularity means little if you're unhappy with who you are performing to be. Further, the 11th house represents your spirit guides - connect with your spiritual networks for clearer navigation.


Saturn transits 10th house

You're about to become a lot more hyper aware of everything you're doing, and also everything that you're not. There will be an impending sense of pressure at the start of the transit, feeling like that there's something you must do or prove about yourself, even if it's just in your own head. With the 10th house representing our sense of legacy and what we wish to leave behind in society's eyes, this transit really pushes us to come face to face with what our true potential could be. The key is to not compare where you are to where you want to be in a critical tone, but with excitement that you will always want to reach the next or new higher heights. How do you want to be seen in society? is an important question. However, I'd be more interested in the question, How can I make my interactions in society go better by being my authentic self?


Saturn transits 9th house

In order to discover what you truly want to build towards, you first need more experience. In particular, experiences outside of what you have ever seen, done, or imagined prior. Follow your feeling of restlessness and desire to play with new ideas and perspectives. For some, this means literally traveling, moving, or getting involved with various parts of the world. For all, it means getting out of your comfort zone to discover options that you haven't really considered or acted on before. As you ease into this transit, you'll come to find more confidence in what you believe in. What philosophy you subscribe to when you start and end this Saturn era will be two different things. Your beliefs will be redefined, expanded upon, and given deeper articulation and meaning. Intellectual investments, writing, teaching, learning, reading, speaking, studying, and groups of people who share your morals and philosophies will prove to be reliable resources.


Saturn transits 8th house

Vulnerability. What comes to mind when you think of that word? Do you feel free in the idea of closeness to another, or want to shrink back into yourself? There is no perfect answer to what vulnerability is or should look like, where it should start and end. But know that this era will give you the experiences to decide those answers for yourself. Whether it is in intimacy with a lover, sharing resources within business partnerships, or trusting that our platonic connections can hold deep meaning to both parties, the 8th house shows us where we inevitability merge with others on sensitive topics or matters. Being vulnerable with our money and our emotions can illicit the same survival responses. Where do you have to trust that in order to grow, you need to invest more time in experiences with others? Don't seek perfection in connecting to others, whether for personal or professional growth. Seek lessons, knowledge, and to be transformed.


Saturn transits 7th house

Your relationships are mirrors, reflecting back what you need to see in order to grow. While its true that healthy connections aren't always full of tension, hardship and struggle, simultaneously, all relationships can mirror uncomfortable things we need to confront. Saturn being the planet of responsibility will teach us to own up to what we project onto others, while also teaching us that very often, people are projecting onto us - positively or negatively. How can we find ourselves in others? And where do we draw the line between who you are and what someone thinks of you? Where do we accept others' observations, critiques, or interpretations on who we are and what we want? And where do we stop internalizing these opinions? Deciding if you can continue or start to commit to the relationships around, romantic or not, is of utmost importance and will determine your growth.


Saturn transits 6th house

Your mind, body, and spirit all constitute your health. When you focus on one element over the others, or neglect one part of the "triangle", all sides feel the effects. If you find tending to your health, whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual boring, find ways to make it exciting. Trying new gym memberships, diets, walking trails, therapists, doctors, wellness groups, spiritual readings, meditation practices, cleansing rituals, are all health concepts that may spark novelty and ideas. During this time, Saturn will teach you that your future can be predicted in the way that you tend to your needs and daily habits. You need your health in order to navigate clearly. The "test" or challenge will be learning to say no, to set boundaries, and to not get lost in saving others to unconsciously neglect or ignore the work you need to do on helping yourself. This rule applies both emotionally and professionally.


Saturn transits 5th house

Love, sex, sports, hobbies, gambling, dancing, music, creativity, talents, children, our inner child, romance! All of the things that bring us joy, fun, carefree desire and play are going to be up for question. The funny thing about Saturn transiting the 5th house, is that Saturn is so serious about whatever it focuses its energy on. Therefore, being happy becomes such an important task, that we can struggle to really just be present on enjoying ourselves instead of wondering if we're doing it the right way or gaining the most of experiences. Being present is key. During this time, you'll become aware of what you thought made you happy that really never had, or at least, doesn't so much anymore. On the other hand, you'll come closer with the true experience of what pleasure, enjoyment and lightheartedness is to you. Romantically, your "type" can change. What attracted you before becomes an ick as you heal.


Saturn transits 4th house

Family, roots, tradition, home, and renovating all of these topics are highlighted with bright yellow. Saturn will reveal, as always, where boundaries need to be laid down in order to build reliable structures. Therefore, the question of how much you can commit to family, blood related or not, becomes clear. This may be a time of coming closer with those in your personal life due to a shared struggle, or, needing to pause to think before you instinctively take on others struggles as your own because you care for them. The topic of home becomes a sensitive topic, as you crave and build towards a reliable, consistent safe space to hide from the world and bring together your loved ones, or to retreat within. Take the time to go within and define what family means to you now, and where you want it to go within years. Get closer to those who you want to be a part of your close circle, but begin to question where you will find genuine security and a feeling of belonging. If it's not present, it's time to make it happen in the way you wish rather than passively wait.


Saturn transits 3rd house

Because communication is typically invisible, we often don't give credit where its due for how much it influences our life. How we dress communicates a part of who we are to the world. How we speak to others, done right, communicates how we feel about them. In a world of social media and instant access to speaking to anyone in the world, it feels like communication has become even more constant than ever before. So the questions to ponder are: Do you speak your truth more often than not? Do you bite your tongue often and wish you spoke up? Or do you speak all too quickly, wishing you could take back words that you didn't mean? Communication is messy, it is an art, it is imperfect. But during this transit, the effect of how you speak, text, write, preach... it all becomes extremely obvious to you. A lack of listening or seeking to understand can backfire. Seek to find meaning in what others are communicating rather than waiting for your turn to speak, or hearing what you want to hear. If we don't like the results we are getting from others when we speak our truth, it is up to us to question if we are either speaking to the wrong audience, or if the audience has critiques or silence worth taking in? This is a time of rhetorical questions. And asking the right questions, accepting that your answers may be feelings you can't articulate but need to consider in your decision making, determines your growth.


Saturn transits 2nd house

Money, how we make it, where we store it, how much is saved, the possessions we own or lack due to it are all sensitive topics. Money is the earthly level personality's or ego's view of self esteem. On a practical, this era can bring in new ways of making or saving money. It can show you how to release guilt when you spend. It can teach you how to get out of survival mode with money. New jobs or side gigs may come up. But spiritually, this transit will show you the keys to genuine self esteem. It will show you and remind you what your true values are at your core. However, Saturn will remind you - it'll be up to you to stick to them and follow through to secure your sense of security. If you neglect what you need to be given in order to get temporary satisfaction, the effects will be felt strongly. The good news is, when you give up what does not align with your sense of worthiness, there will be good to come.


Saturn transits 1st house

Knowing who you are is the first step to reinventing your life. And this is an era of new beginnings, exiting a period of heaviness, that although you would never have chosen to go through it, has probably taught you a lot about how to avoid self sabotage and isolation in the future. Although it is a fresh start, you are still learning, and shouldn't avoid healthy challenges that allow personal growth. This point in time will require you to work to reclaim yourself and get to know this new version of who you are. Self discovery through appearance changes are common, but what is key, is remembering that how you commit to yourself will teach others how to commit to you. How much you invest in yourself will determine what the Universe can deliver to you. You won't be ready until you do the work to put yourself in the position to be ready.

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