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I’ve been feeling myself being reborn. The shedding of skin & being close to revealing a new me is intuitively understood. Being in this weird in-between metamorphosis stage has come as no surprise. My current timelord, Venus, is retrograde and conjuncts Pluto multiple times throughout this transit… I feel like I’m being reintroduced to myself.

I’m recognizing a new self when I look in the mirror. I recognize a more matured face. These eyes are still hazel but are far more observant, fierce and grounded. My gaze is less spaced out and avoidant of looking at what’s in front of me. I make direct eye contact with myself without my unconscious squirming from the light of self-awareness.

These lips have adopted an entirely new vocabulary. They don’t shy away from carrying my voice from speaking my direct truth. If others consistently react with emotional immaturity when I speak my mind compassionately, without diluting my truth, I respect myself enough to exit the space. The cloud of confusion that comes from being gaslit has cleared from my vision. My hair is darker. My skin braves scattered scars. I have 8 tattoos. My overall aura has a deeper energetic presence of capability.

Past trauma bonds no longer feel stuck in my heart. Growing into this new me has freed them to live their own paths. These old companions don’t reflect who I am anymore, and vice versa, but just outdated habits. The familiar faces around me now reflect my intentional living, and what a relief it is to know I made it out alive. I can be present in my emotions.

I’ve finally caught up with the lag of timing of growing into who I am, in this very moment. My eye contact deepens. I’m no longer the old MaKayla, and I’ve finally realized who this new version of me is. I relate to her. I feel grounded and protected by her discernment, judgement & intuition. But now that I’ve caught up with who I am, by nature, it's time to transform to meet another version of my higher self. It’s all very contradictory, but that’s all a part of the divine paradox of Pluto.


We never stop growing. The life—death cycle literally and metaphorically never ends. As my Scorpio dominant friend E says, “Everything is transformation”.

Pluto is a sloooooow moving planet.

The cold planet will transit only (and at most) a few signs and houses within your chart in a lifetime.

However - when a transiting planet aspects your natal Pluto, especially your current time lord, you’re apt to expect shifts and sudden changes.

When Pluto visits, mirror work is my favorite meditation and remediation. The magickal act of peering into your unconscious may feel uncomfortable at first, and it doesn't have to be anything longer than 30 seconds to start. With time, you'll grow to truly begin to look directly into your soul rather than meeting yourself with a superficial gaze. You'll come to understand who you are, what you need, and remove blockages. Mirror work helps you manifest what's just waiting for your cue.

II. PLUTO — 12 Houses.

Pluto in the first house.

— the archetype of rebirth, renewal. this is a person with a powerful aura, capable of holding it down during unexpected life plot twists. resilient is their middle name. however, there is unconditional love for all, deep down, underneath that sharp personality. this love is beyond a limited human POV: this is the perceptive universe, who pushes us out of our comfort zone, even when it feels like all hell breaks loose. even if it scares us to death at first. this plutonian soul carries the energetic signature of centuries of shrouded mystery, now coming to conscious awareness.

Pluto in the second house.

— pluto in the second house truly comes to understand that there is no such thing as permeant security. what makes us feel safe changes as our comfort zones shift. self esteem, money, possessions, materials - all these things come and go. the material must always be partially subject to its environment. what this soul knows deep at its core, even if it temporarily gets lost in materialism or self-righteousness: any change made in honor of your higher values, rather than temporary satisfaction, brings you closer to who you’re meant to be.

Pluto in the third house.

— here pluto has lots of questions to ask. what is the meaning of life? why am i here? and who signed me up for this anyways? pluto wants to answer these inquires in the worst way, but even if you handed them the answers on a silver platter, it'd be in one ear and out of the other. these natives are born to learn the answers to their philosophy to life through direct experience, deep conversations that later strike introspective thoughts. their mind seeks to transform beyond the mundane - being sure to keep their thoughts in the right place makes or breaks their metamorphis processes.

Pluto in the fourth house.

— home, family and personal life matters near and dear to this individual conjure powerful emotions. on one hand, there may be very serious love, but on the other, these individuals have lived through early childhood experiences that expose them to the rawness of life a bit too early on. when they have matured, death doesn’t seem to phase or scare them, which can intimate others who live more sheltered perceptions of reality. these individuals do their best when they can transform the ideas of what home "should" be, into what security their soul truly longs for.

Pluto in the fifth house.

— their inner child is wild with passion that overcomes them. creative impulses take over and plummet them into rebirth. their first lovers can either teach them compassionately or through intense experiences that playing should be reserved for toys, not with others’ heart’s. they may experience control issues, either by being the one caged in or doing the limiting. they must learn that true love makes a person feel free. they crave romance so much that it can feel like they’re going to never find the ability to overspill their love into the ideal person. the trick is for them to spill that romantic vision into their entire life: hobbies, creations, rather than reserved for a hollywood idea of experiencing passion only through fun with partners.

Pluto in the sixth house.

— to be or to not be? these people can’t seem to make their mind up about the type of daily lifestyle they subscribe to. the truth is, they end up living a bit of many. these individuals do best to allow their primal instincts to take over when it comes to being of service to others. they often know what the right thing to do or say in many crisis situations. when they learn to transform their idea of what leads them to personal power from a productivity focus to one that ebbs & flows with the natural cycles of life, they find their plans stop falling apart. the quote "life is what happens while you're busy making plans" is especially resonate.

Pluto in the seventh house.

— the individual can often remain unconscious to pluto’s energy until it sees it in the eye contact of another reflecting it back. whoever they’re intently focused in on can either squirm from the heat of their passion or take it as a major power boost. they must be careful who they label as noble.many often find that many people who surround them carry a sense of empowerment, intensity, and the ability to carry themselves through any hardship. they throw themselves into relationships with passion. they can lose all sense of their own personal empowerment if they unconsciously believe this other person holds their power. (hint- it’s an illusion). once this native feels that they understand the power they’re seeing in others is most often just their own forces being reflected back, they understand what they’re truly capable of.

Pluto in the eighth house.

— pluto in the eighth is an interesting place. this is the house that the ancients would associate with the underworld. pluto is the lord of the underworld, (greek counterpart hades), so here, this energy is happy to be at home. therefore, these natives are very in tune with their transformative cycles. they can feel a major life change coming before it even shows signs of happening with their intuitive, perceptive skills. these individuals are capable of welding strong personal empowerment when they find the sweet spot of interdependence. too much codependence swallows them whole, while too much independence feels like a prison. therefore, learning how to healthily rely, collaborate, share, and experience intimacy with others is a huge part of their journey.

Pluto in the ninth house.

— these natives experience intense feelings associated with higher power. they may feel that they discard organized religion due to negative experiences with power plays. they may develop a deeply felt religious practice on the other hand. nonetheless, they could devote their life to a higher sense of values, always believing they should reference their moral code for decision making. whether these natives resonate with a spiritual practice or they lean into philosophical tendencies, they will have a calling to develop a deep sense of reverence for the fragility of life.

Pluto in the tenth house.

— these individuals presence are felt when they walk into a room. their energetic first impression is one of intensity, strength, and/or mystery. these individuals have the desire to change how society views them more frequently than the typical person. they may feel that people are constantly mistaking them for an older version of themselves. going out in public for a prolonged period of time can overwhelm them, pushing them into recharging in solitude. these natives find that they have tremendous willpower when they act intentionally and with great integrity. when they get lost in power games, materialism, or trying to have a flawless public image, they feel most vulnerable and out of control.

Pluto in the eleventh house.

— intense experiences with acquaintances, friendships, or community can create a sense of separation anxiety for these natives. on the other hand, they may find that their trust issues lead them to distrust humanity as a whole and keep detached. nonetheless, these plutoains know deep down that the people they surround themselves with matters tremendously in their life path. they must become balanced in being cautious of letting people in too fast while not becoming guarded against healthy human interpersonal vulnerabilities.

Pluto in the twelfth house.

— pluto likes to be in the shadows of the twelfth house, hiding from the conscious psyche. pluto represents the unconscious mind just as the 12th house does. this native, however, may find themselves making the same mistakes over and over. this is because as soon as they undergo a transformation, or get burned from a messy reaction on their behalf, they tend to suppress it quickly. being mindful to integrate all of the past versions of themselves with their current self can do wonders. running from their past unconsciously is what can lead them to give their personal power away without realizing it.


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