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If you are an Aries moon, you may resonate with parts of this post but not others. It’s important to consider your entire natal chart when reading about any of your placements in astrology.

If you’d like me to consider all of the factors at play with your moon placement, book a one question or full reading with me on my website. ARIES MOON. To be blunt, in true Aries moon fashion, I've read so many lazily written, superficial interpretations about this placement. Sure, the Aries lunar person can come off as a silly little hot head at times, but the truth is that these individuals are much more than that. They are BURNING! with passion.

An Aries moon is a cardinal moon, ready to leap into action. They are ruled by Mars: the planet of fiery passion, aggression, self-determination, and primal energy. This can make them rather unfiltered people. This trait may come off as reckless or childlike in some situations to those more reserved. But for the healthy Aries moon, this communication style doesn't come from a place of selfish intent. These people crave to carve out spaces where everyone can unapologetically speak their mind. Don’t tell them what you think they want to hear if you're working on gaining their trust. What they crave is contrary. They dream of relationships with transparent emotional intimacy, where people speak their honest expression without letting fear downplay their voice. Nothing is out of line to share with these natives, so long as it comes from a place of honesty and respect. What is bound to trigger a feeling of distrust in them is to beat around the bush, sugar coat, or only share the "pretty" side of your humanity.

Social performances that their sister sign Libra can excel in are exhausting for this lunar baby quickly. There's nothing worse you can do to an Aries moon than to ask them to fan their flames, be a little "less" excited about whatever they're hyped on, or to ask them to "take it down a notch" to fit in with the crowd.

They are leaders of the zodiac, and if they must, they'll go it alone temporarily and pave their own path rather than be diluted. Their inner child needs to be around supportive people, places, things that can hold space for their big ass aura rather than subtly prompt them to... “Please, Aries moon.. tone it down..” The Aries moon discovers early on that their "true" disposition is intimidating and/or overwhelming for some. Their comfort in their individuality may have been suppressed at one point due to their caregivers, loved ones, intentionally or unintentionally influencing them to feel they were being "too much". The Aries moon needs to learn to give themselves healthy outlets to unapologetically express their emotions. Otherwise, they run the risk for the stereotypical Martian conundrum - blowing up pent up frustration on those who don't deserve it, at the drop of a pin. Aries moon, stop telling yourself to pipe down or shut up. I give you permission to find the spaces where you can be yourself loudly - literally or metaphorically. If people say you're being too much, tell them they can look for less then. It won't work to silence your roar.. as I'm sure you've felt you've tried to and failed at some point. Learn to stop suppressing that big angry, sinking feeling that visits randomly, stirring up feelings of injustice. Don't disassociate from it, shut down, or drown it out by doing reckless things, rebelling without a cause, starting arguments, running away from yourself. Learn to let yourself scream into a pillow and cry the tears hiding behind the agitation or anger. Write down what you hate instead of trying to force a sense of toxic positivity that society has tried to shame you into adopting. Free yourself, be yourself, give voice to the things that others are cautious to. You don't see the need to hide the fact that there's an elephant in the room. I love that for you. That's the catalyst you were born to be. AS A LOVER An Aries moon needs stimulation, a challenge, and playful competition. Part of their unique love language is betting or being bet on. Flirting is teasing them, and letting them tease you back, knowing that means they fancy you more than you'd think. Gentle taunting sparks feelings. The stereotype that they like the thrill of the chase is typically true. However, the idea that an Aries moon cannot commit isn’t. See, Aries loves the chase, but if you’re constantly just out of reach…well that’s kind of boring... They tire of emotional unavailability just as quickly. Chasing tactics may get a rise out of them temporarily to get their attention, but truthfully, it won’t get you far. What will, is addressing the root craving - novelty! Many settle into the grounded grooves in their long-term relationships. They become content with the stability and find that introducing new things into their relationship isn’t necessary very often. While this lunar archetype can handle a slow period for the right lover, they are naturally fast paced. Introducing them to new hobbies, activities, ideas, thoughts, and most of all, experiences, will steal their heart. This only makes sense if you think of the things an Aries moon initiates and introduces their loved ones to. They make things happen, connect people, show you new places, get you out of your comfort zone, and make you see the world with fresh eyes. It only makes sense that the way they showcase their love is how they want to be loved in return! RELATIONSHIP WITH MOM / PRIMARY CAREGIVERS Their relationship to mom may be one full of passion, lots of love, but potentially many emotional highs and lows. Mom sets an example, whether through uplifting or heavy expression, to be resilient, confident, independent, and not become codependent on anybody. Mom teaches when life hits you, hit back harder. If mom carves out spaces for you to be yourself, without having to conform to her ideals, that’s when you feel her love. Martian moons may find that their mother is irritable, aggravated, or aggressive when not in her element. It’s important for the Aries moon to not take on the savior complex role with their caretakers. There’s nothing more that the Ram wants to do than play the hero and save the day. But, they truly need to prioritize sorting their own emotions before another’s. They should not tolerate being lashed out on, and part of going from the unhealthy to the healthy Aries experience is defiantly draw lines and learn to mean it when you say “no”. That holds especially true for their maternal figures and caregivers. INSTAGRAM STORIES Q&A ABOUT ARIES MOON:

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I have my moon in 12th house in Aries. A friend told me that usually means I'd be aggressive, but that's definitely not me at all! If anything, I'm one of the most sensitive and emotional people out there. I think having it in the 12th house is why - that placement is known for making someone more introspective and vulnerable. So yeah, don't judge a book by its cover! :-)

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