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Lots of my FAQ from followers, clients, friends, and family (and basically anyone who finds out I'm an astrologer), relate to compatibility. And the most common goes a little something like this: "MaKayla, I keep attracting Cancer's. Like no, seriously, I've already dated three in just the past year. What does this mean!?"

When I say you consistently attract a specific sign, that can mean that you find yourself attracting a lot of Gemini sun's. But I also mean, that maybe, you keep running into Gemini energy overall, whether the Gemini placement involves a person's Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, etc. Either way, it only makes sense that you'd notice a pattern and wonder what's going on. Why is this energy so attracted to you, or, why are you so attracted to it?

Just like the universe communicates to us via angel numbers, spirit animals, conversation points with mysterious strangers passing by, and so on, the universe communicates to us via the types of personalities we consistently attract. Astrology is a great tool to utilize in understanding what that message is.

To know why you keep attracting a certain sign is a deeply personal question, and a one-size-fits-all answer isn't possible, just like most things relating to astrology or spirituality. To uncover this phenomenon, we have to consider your entire natal chart, or even another person's chart, to get all of the details. Consider booking a synastry reading with me (to analyze your's & another's chart in relation) or a natal chart (to navigate your own) to get the 411.

However, there's a few starting points to begin solving this mystery as to why flamboyant Leo's keep showing up at your door, or why dreamy Pisces keeps sweeping you off your feet.


Taking a look at the house this sign rules in your chart can give you lots of clues as to what role this person is trying to play in your life. (Whole sign is my personal preference for house systems.)

If you keep attracting Gemini's, take a look at the house that rules Gemini in your chart. Is it your 12th house, the house of spirituality, subconscious, hidden secrets, or past life? Do these changeable Gemini's you come across bring up things from under the surface of your psyche, that you hadn't addressed prior to meeting them? Maybe you dreamt of them prior to meeting, or dream of them often? As you can see, taking a look at the house this sign rules can give you tons of info. Are your experiences with this sign primarily comfortable and uplifting, or challenge and growth oriented? Often, your relationship to the house the sign rules can give you clues. Working on this house in your chart can help you to work on your relationship to this sign.




1st House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your identity, self-image, appearance, and a clearer life path image. It is encouraging you to develop independence and self awareness.

2nd House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your personal values, self-esteem, material needs, money, possessions, and practical boundaries. It is encouraging you to learn how to nourish and nurture yourself.

3rd House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your communication skills, education, learning skills, intellect, and maybe even your sibling and/or cousin relationships. It is encouraging you to develop your beliefs and to clearly define what you think for yourself and how to share that with the world.

4th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop a stronger connection to your personal life, family, roots, traditions, ancestors, or memories associated with your upbringing and childhood. It pulls you right by the heartstrings, touching the most private part of your soul that you cannot ignore its lessons.

5th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your creativity, talents, lightheartedness, and ability to enjoy yourself. It often seeks to teach you to take yourself less seriously and pushes you to embody a closer relationship with your innocent inner child.

6th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your practical and analytical approach to life. Do you need to focus more on your daily routines, responsibilities, tasks, or health? Do you struggle to set boundaries in how you are of service to others? The lesson of this sign seeks to urge you to get you to get your sh*t together, one way or another.

7th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your relationship identity overall. Who are you in relationships? How does that reflect in the people you surround yourself with? Being around this sign is like having a mirror shoved into your face, reflecting back beautiful, blissful things, but also not-so-fun qualities. Be present with the reflection.

8th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your capacity to merge intimately with things seemingly outside of yourself. Shared resources, bills, money, business contracts, clients, fall into the domain of this realm, seeking to teach you to bind yourself only to things and people that will uplift you. On the other hand, this house speaks of death, metaphorically (and literally in ancient times). It's important to utilize the gifts of transformation this sign presents you with, intentionally or not.

9th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your philosophy, beliefs, and connection with "higher" perspectives. They often challenge you unintentionally to intellectual debates, and there's a sense of a student-teacher dynamic that flows here, back and forth. It is showing you to stand firm in your moral grounding, and to never back down from an opportunity to adventure outside of your comfort zone.

10th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your public image, purpose or career. Experiences with them encourage you to not get lost in the minor details and take a honest big picture look at your life. Are you on the trajectory towards feeling fulfilled? Or are you stunting your growth? Expect this sign to show you the truth of that question.

11th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your networks, goals, friends and social circles. You may be introduced to a whole new, progressive way of seeing the world once you meet them, taking notice of the way they socialize and how it compares to yours.

12th House: This sign's energy is asking you to develop your tolerance to take a look at the shadow-y, subconscious psyche. They illuminate and bring things to the surface that may have been laid dormant for some time. On the other hand, there can be an instant sense of "knowing" them already, because of the past life implications of the 12th.



While taking a look at the houses are more specifically catered to you, you can't deny the overall archetypal themes each sign represents for clues as to what they are trying to teach you.

If you attract Aries, simply think, what are Aries like? Popular keywords are passionate, bold, leadership, self-focused, or determined. Do you lack these qualities in your life and Aries are coming along to bring balance? Or maybe it's the other way, where you lean too heavily into these traits to an extreme and Aries are coming along to challenge you and illuminate this?

I encourage you to do some research as to general traits associated with each of the signs if you're not already familiar!



Here's one last point to keep things short & simple! Check if you have any placements in this sign. Do you attract Taurus suns? Well, if you have a Taurus moon, that would make sense as you share this similar quality, which helps with compatibility.

Consider how this placement is working in your chart for further details. Is it being activated by certain transits when you meet individuals with this sign? Or maybe your placement in this sign is in strong aspect to another placement, giving further detailed clues as to what this correlation is all about?



Again, a one-size-fits-all answer just isn't possible, just like most things relating to astrology or spirituality, as to why you attract certain signs. I hope that these three ideas plant seeds to brainstorm and understand the bigger meaning behind such seemingly fated interactions! If you want an individual, in-depth answer, customized to you and your same-sign-correlation relationships, consider a personalized approach. Be sure to work with me for in-depth insight, or an astrologer of your choice.

I suggest booking a synastry reading with me (to analyze your's & another's chart) and/or a natal chart (to navigate your own). Reach out with any questions.

Much love,


aka The Starry-Eyed Mystic!


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