MaKayla McRae

I have been studying intuitive tarot and astrology for about 7+ years, and find deep satisfaction in helping others. I was born in and got my start reading in-store in Salem, Massachusetts, also known as 'Witch City'. At that time I was mentored by my cousin who was a professional Tarot reader for 20+ years. His guidance and support led me to establishing my own practice in Salem, in his shop.


After a few years, I decided to turn to social media to make my practice more independent. I was expecting to simply use the platform to stay in contact with my current clientele but I've been very humbled by the large following I have acquired! This has given me the ability to turn my practice of being a full-time intuitive tarot reader and astrologer from being locally-based to international.


I first began reading Tarot cards at fourteen years old, when I was given my first deck as a gift. It was a traditional Rider-Waite deck, given to me by my mother, who is also a tarot reader. I've strengthened my intuition throughout the years along with the ability to communicate what each client would do well to hear. I love to share this insight with others. It is very rewarding to watch a client transform their lives in both subtle and great ways after our conversations and readings. 

I started studying astrology in my teens too. I was initially influenced by my family to look deeper into in this mystical art, just as Tarot. My parents used to gently tease me about being a headstrong, independent Aries as a child. I always smile when I remember. The day that I learned that there was a world beyond my sun sign, everything changed. The incredible insight astrology brings continues to shock and blow my mind everyday. I am very grateful to be the translator of this knowledge for others.


As many professional astrologers, the majority of my knowledge has been gained from countless years, months, days, and hours of self-studying + practical application. However, I did experience a structured course syllabus form of study while taking and completing Chris Brennan's Hellenistic astrology course.

In sum... I was born into an intuitive family and have been practicing ever since age fourteen. This is my passion + my desire to learn more is never-ending!

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You will find specific answers you are seeking in your readings with me. My goal in our first consultation is to satisfy your questions and to show you a higher, bigger perspective of your past, present, and future. In doing so, you will be able to transform the negative aspects of your life into blessings if you are open, receptive, and willing. 


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