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Down-to-Earth, no fluff, & fun two-part masterclass! Taught by a generational Intuitive Tarot professional. (Read more about my experience on my website).


What I wish I knew years ago! An in-depth, high value, honest & easy to understand course like this is a game changer for your practice.


Whether you want to casually improve your skills or wish to go to the expert next level of reading for yourself & reading for others, these are the courses for you. 

These TWO 1-Hour courses cover, but aren't limited to:

  • True history of Tarot
  • Determine the Tarot philosophy you align with
  • Myths of the use or history of Tarot vs the Reality
  • The story the Major Arcana of Tarot (understand the big picture)
  • Practical Application: How to read for yourself
  • How to create guidelines 
  • How to read for yourself without emotions clouding your judgement
  • Tarot Practical Exercises & “Games”
  • How to Build Intuitive Reading Skills
  • Tarot Dream Work
  • Example Pulls
  • How to Protect & Cleanse Energy when Reading Others
  • Prepare you to start reading better immediately
  • .... & much more!

Comes with the two one-hour course recordings & two powerpoints.


Both were originally recorded on Zoom for a live class at the end of 2020.


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