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★ It’s time to call your power back & tend to your energy hygiene.  ðŸŒŸenergy cleansing and protection ☄︎🌟 to help beginners and experienced mystics alike


★ All who sign up will be gifted a free personal long-distance reiki session with me to use any date 🧬 (certified reiki 2)


★ Stop accidentally blocking blessings from simple mistakes of poor energy hygiene/habits. To elevate, manifest, heal, grow, achieve, and meet your best self and life with more ease and flow — intuition is key. A huge part of intuition is awareness of your energy field. 🗝️ 


★ Get rid of energy in your energy field that isn’t yours; create energetic boundaries; understand what elevates your energy; what hinders your energy; make space for what is trying to come in; protect the sacredness that is you 


★ Learn about energy cleansing + protection through the lens of utilizing astrology and Tarot


★  DM’s are always open for questions. 


Cleansing + Protecting Your Energy

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