The Rising Sign by Jeanne Avery Review

The Rising Sign by Jeanne Avery is a valuable read for beginners, as well as a refreshing perspective for more advanced star-studying students. This book was one of the first ‘real’ astrology books that I read when I was beginning my studies. I had written so many notes and read it so many times that my original needed to be replaced with this new copy. It's that good of a resource! Avery gives a thorough introduction to rising signs, or the lens in which we see the world. Our psychological makeup/foundation from childhood is represented by the Ascendant or rising sign in our chart, an interesting idea that doesn’t get enough attention in modern day/social media astrology.

This book has about 20 pages or so of in-depth information for each rising sign. Jeanne Avery delves into key factors of life for each ascendant sign. This book is based on the whole house system, so there are 12 factors of life addressed, or the 12 houses. Each of the 12 houses represent an important facet of life. For example, if you are a Cancer rising, your second house is Leo, third house Virgo, and so forth, based on the whole house system of thought. In the book, I don’t believe that the author states this, so I thought I’d make that clear for beginners. Therefore, if you find intercepted houses important, you will need to take some pieces of information in this book with a grain of salt.

However, I find the information provided for the introductory, core qualities of each rising sign fascinating, whether or not the whole house approach interests you or not. I personally resonate with her approach. While some critics call her work “outdated”, or “too generalized for a serious topic”, I’ve yet to find such an amazing, simple, comprehensible guide for the ascendant. With all things, including astrology, it's always great to get information from various sources.. This book is a great place to start in my opinion.

I got this copy on, which is an online used bookstore. I got this book for $4 I believe. It's $15 on Amazon. Thriftbooks also has $1 shipping, and free shipping over $10. So I highly recommended spending smart because astrology books can get pricey and it adds up! I must have spent half of my money this month alone on books lol.