Get What You Want Working with the Moon Cycle

From the dawn of time, humankind has looked into the vast, wide, and mysterious night sky looking for answers and guidance. Aligning actions and intentions alongside with the cycles of the moon isn't just a new age concept. The moon's influence has been integrated into cherished spiritual practices around the globe for centuries. This is because lunar energy can be truly empowering in helping us create real results.

Being conscious of the moon cycle and acting in accordance helps us to attract what we desire and need to us. Working with the cycles of the moon helps one get in touch with their feminine energy. Both men and women have feminine and masculine energy within. When we plan, take consistent action, and use the force of sheer willpower to create desirable results, we are using our masculine energy. But when one taps into their feminine energy as well.. getting what you want becomes easier.

With feminine energy, we can attract what we want with our mere thoughts, feelings, and intentions. This is because while masculine energy gets what it wants through action, planning, and logic; feminine energy gets what it wants and needs through simply being, receiving, intuitive work, and knowing feelings are meant to be used as guidance, not repressed. We need to work practically for our goals, of course. But we are missing part of the process if we don't take advantage of our passive, more magnetic nature as well.

To get what you want working with the moon cycle, it doesn't take much. As long as you stay aware of what phase the moon is in, and align your intentions and actions, you're good to go. The goal is to work with, not against, the natural cycles as best as possible. Moon cycles are best used as a general guide, not a strict rulebook.

For example, if you're thinking of starting a new venture, such as implementing a new business goal, it's best to start that process around a new moon. If you're thinking of releasing or ending a chapter in your life, such as leaving a job, its best to try to release the job around a full moon.

The Cycles of the Moon -

New Moon - The moon cycle starts here. During this time, it’s important to welcome the new moon cycle by simply contemplating and brainstorming what you want to attract.

Waxing Crescent Moon - During this phase, lunar energy asks us to solidify what we want to manifest and attract to us by setting clear intentions. Simply stating “I intend to manifest…” is enough, but to truly energize your goals, its best to write down what you intend to manifest in detail. This way, your energy is focused on your goal solely instead of being scattered.

First Quarter Moon - Now it is time to take action. Obstacles, conflicts, and postponed results may occur during this phase. This is when we are being tested if we will stay true to our intention, or fall back into habits that prove we aren’t ready for what we wish to receive.

Waxing Gibbous Moon - You should start to feel the energy picking up now. Obstacles tend to fall away at this point, and it is asked for you to go back to your original intention and refine the details. Do you still want what you intended? What have you realized since setting your intention? What needs to happen to get what you want? What do you want to refine or change from your original intentions since then?

Full Moon - You will receive signs now that encourage you to focus in the right direction. You will harvest the rewards and desires you intended now from past moon cycles. That is, if you have successfully worked throughout the challenges, or if what you wished for is truly best for you. Now is the best time to contemplate what you need to release. (You need to release whatever is holding you back from your new moon intentions and goals from manifesting.)

Waning Gibbous Moon - It’s time to look within and introspect all we’ve learned throughout this cycle. What are you grateful for? Did you receive all you wished for? What else do you wish you received? What do you wish you knew before this cycle?

Third Quarter Moon - Take action to release what no longer serves you or your intention. Let go of those pesky habits that have been dragging you down. Let go of the people, things, ideas, self-talk, etc. that have caused you unnecessary conflict throughout the moon’s cycle.

Waning Crescent Moon - To finish up, it's important to rest in preparation for the new moon. We have less energy during this phase typically, calling us to empty ourselves before starting the cycle over again. By ‘emptying’ ourselves and becoming a bit detached, we can ensure that we can attract what we need most during the next cycle. 

If you have any questions regarding the moon cycle, or wish to work with me on manifesting something near and dear to you, don't hesitate to contact me.