To begin reading intuitive Tarot, it’s important to just get started. But how?

One tip I give my beginner students is to begin a simple, daily Tarot practice!

So often, Tarot newbies can unconsciously get into the habit of mostly or only pulling cards when they’re worried or want answers about pressing issues.

It can go a little like this when you take that approach..

You ask the cards: “Tell me about this new job?”

You pull the 7 of pentacles.

You don’t know what the card means, so you google it.

Someone on the internet tells you it means doom and gloom and your life is gonna suck.

The panic ensues and you pull another card to clarify the first card pulled.

Oh God, it’s getting worse... This card is The Tower. You see someone getting struck by lighting falling out of the window, and now you’re convinced you’re totally screwed.

Meanwhile, in reality, the cards could just be showing you that you’re being hard on yourself, expecting yourself to be at an expert level even though you’re just entering the job (7 of pentacles) and you’re fearful of the worst outcome The Tower.

And there’s a sense of doubt of what it represents that can linger.. What if it could mean something else!?

So my personal mindset is: Why read for such big questions that may bring you lots of anxiety before you feel more confident and grounded in your Tarot reading skills?

Sometimes, it’s best not to ask questions when we don’t feel grounded enough to read into the meaning. That’s why it’s best for beginners who want to get better to first focus on just building confidence and natural ease with reading.

Not to talk like a boomer but… Maybe don’t put the carriage before the horse!

Reading simple cards about simple matters that are easy to be neutral about helps someone learn a lot! And the results can be far more rewarding and progressive.

So before you pull cards from a heightened, nerved state, try to pull cards daily from a neutral, centered place.

Then, you can really understand what the cards mean to you. Another bonus is that then you truly understand in what situations you want to utilize Tarot rather than reaching for your deck without knowing your limits!


For a week or longer, try pulling a Tarot card every morning. 🌞 I recommend inquiring the deck to generally “Just tell me about my day”. Leave your question open-ended like this so that you can really get an open minded experience.

📝 Write down or just think to yourself:

— What advice do I think this Tarot pull is giving me today?

— What are some predictions or assumptions I can maybe make about my day?

…At the end of your day, reflect on your early day thoughts.

— Did they make sense? Did your predictions come true? What did you learn? How did your day actually go? Take note of anything that stands out.


The more you read Tarot, the more comfortable you will get. The more comfortable you get, the more intuitively the art comes to you! Take the pressure off to be perfect or skilled, and just start. The hands-on process through a daily Tarot journal / reflection process will grow your confidence and abilities!


If you’d like to learn more on how to better read intuitive Tarot for yourself & for others, I recommend the instant download intuitive Tarot masterclass on my website.

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