Astrology & DreamWork

Just as any other subtopic or field within astrology, dreamwork astrology is a detailed, intelligent art that is simply just too complex to thoroughly explain within a brief written piece. So, rather than attempting to describe every facet of utilizing astrology for dreamwork, I will answer some FAQs.

  • How can I see my relationship to dreams and dreaming in my natal chart?

IN GENERAL: Seeking to understand the general themes that recur throughout your life regarding your relationship to dreaming and your dreams is always a good idea. Before we jump the gun and try to utilize astrology to understand the past, present, or future, associating the art with time, we do best to first and foremost understand the foundation that we’re working with. This foundation reads into what will happen throughout our lives repetitively, so the limiting and constricting concept of time cannot properly describe the function of its purpose. Its purpose is to create cycles, spirals, messages we continually run into, again and again, understanding them on a deeper level each time. Take away all of my Pisces Mercury rants.. the foundation that we want to work with is your natal chart first to know your life themes regarding dreaming and your dreams.

Your natal chart shows the placements of the planets and stars at the very moment of your birth, so long as you know your exact accurate birth time. When I look at my clients’ charts to make sense of their sleep patterns, I look at the following:

  • The moon (sign, house, aspects)

  • 12th house placements (12th house= the subconscious)**

  • 12th house ruler

  • 9th house placements (9th house= divination, dreams with interpretive meaning) **

  • 9th house ruler

  • Pisces placements

  • The house that rules Pisces

  • Neptune

For example, how I interpreted a chart to see someone’s relationship to dreaming, I have shared this exclusively on my Patreon.

  • ** How can I use astrology day by day to interpret the meaning of my dream? I utilize astrology to interpret my dreams in real-time through the use of transits. If you’re unaware of what transits are, I encourage you to do more research. In sum, transits are the live-action, current astrological conditions. When astrologers read your transits, they are considering what’s going on in the sky along with your fixed natal chart, to understand how what’s here and now (or in the future) will impact you on a personal level.


- If the moon was transiting your 9th house during the night you were dreaming, you can typically assume the dream was a message, divination, an offering of advice and insight for you to process and interpret symbolically.

- If the moon was transiting your 12th house during the night you were dreaming, you can typically assume this is a direct message from your subconscious. The 12th house represents our phobias and fears, so it can often show you simply what you’re anxious about and potentially repressing. Sometimes, those who have the ability or the developed psyche can experience visitation dreams on these evenings. These are experiences where someone who has crossed over enters your awareness, dream, or thoughts as you’re dreaming to communicate with you.

-Sometimes, it's as simple as understanding that you had dreams about violence because the moon was in Aries. Or, it's as easy as knowing that your dream about working in a library came from the moon being in Gemini.

Again, there’s so much more I want to ramble on and on about with dreamwork astrology... I plan on writing more blog posts about this in the future but have already shared lots of gems on my Patreon to check out!

Thanks for reading!

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