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"...McRae, practices a mix of modern psychological based astrology which focuses on free will with ancient, fate-based Hellenistic astrology."

"...Better known to her celebrity clients as The Starry Eyed Mystic"

Vogue, Devinder Bains

My practice involves combining the no nonsense, stoic practices of ancient Hellenistic astrologers with modern, psychological astrology. Therefore, my insights are detailed, to the point, and honest... All while remaining inspirational, compassionate, and empowering. 

More experience...



9+ Years

Of professional experience, reading for hundreds of clients.. but a lifetime of learning experience (see 3rd point). I got my start reading in-store in the famous Witch City, Salem, MA, before deciding to expand independently & internationally online.

Pop Culture

I've worked with celebrities, singers, entertainers, influencers and respected creatives. I have been featured in Vogue, HypeBae, PopSugar & many times in Bustle. (Linked)

Lifetime & Generational 

My cousin was a professional reader for 20+ years in Salem, MA. He mentored me both closely as family & professionally. Born to an immediate & extended spiritual family, my intuitive skills have been encouraged & developed from day one!



I've read for many talented creatives, entertainers, models, influencers, singers, public figures, etc. Some have been kind enough to review their reading experience publicly: view below from my Instagram stories highlights.



As many credible professionals, the majority of my knowledge comes from countless years, months, days & hours of self-studying and practical application.


However, I did experience a structured course form of studying while taking a year to study & be certified by Chris Brennan's very in-depth Hellenistic astrology course.



I first began reading Tarot at fourteen, when I was given my first deck as a gift. It was a traditional Rider-Waite deck, given to me by my mother, who is also a reader. I've strengthened my intuition throughout my years, along with the ability to communicate what each client I work with should hear. 

Much Love,

MY GOAL IS to help YOU FIND more CLARITY & DIRECTION, through a clearer sense of purpose. 

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